Ringworm on Van Troubles and New Album, Hammer of the Witch


Ringworm. Photo by Scott Schumacher
Ringworm. Photo by Scott Schumacher

After 23 years, Ringworm has retained its credibility as a genre-defining powerhouse of hardcore metal through a simple formula: the perverse onslaught of listeners’ ears. The Cleveland outfit clobbers through speed-picked, palm-muted riffs — following in the steps of thrash gods Kreator — and conjures half-time breakdowns that elicit the hellion mosher in hardcore fans.

Vocalist James “Human Furnace” Bulloch spews offensive lyrics like his blood is boiling. Touring behind its latest full-length, Hammer of the Witch, Ringworm is expected to aggravate the audience with tracks like “Bleed” and “Psychic Vampire,” along with such classics as “Justice Replaced by Revenge.” Ringworm, along with supporting acts Death Before Dishonor, Relentless, and Let It Burn, play Thee Parkside this Sunday, April 13 at 8 p.m. for $10. Bulloch took a break while on the road to speak with SF Weekly about the hardships of touring after 20-plus years in the scene, the new album Hammer of the Witch, and the transition to Relapse Records. Check out their album while you read.

Read more at SF Weekly.


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